Sunday, June 20, 2010

Back to my favourite past time

Its been such a long time since i have blogged.6 months to be near precise. These 6 months have seen a lot. 'Lacklustre showing', is how we can mildly put with regards to the UPA's first term in office,cold-blooded attack across the states of Chattisgarh, Orissa and West Bengal by the resurgent Maoists, a 'Simple no Affair' can be atmost said, about Budget 2010 and surprising huge sums raked in by the government in the high ticket auction of the year, 'The 3G and BWA auction' held in May-June 2010 reflected how the UPA-1 goverment could have amassed a similar kind of money moolah if only had they had in a place an upright and honest minister. A huge setback for the Obama administration due to the so called 'BP oil spill' over the coast of Gulf of Mexico and the Economic crisis in Europe balloning everyday due to the debt-ridden countries like Greece, Portugal, Spain,Ireland and Britain. Not to forget the IPL-gate, Lalit Modi's brainchild suffering an huge setback due to his creator's mishandling of many procedures and proccesses within IPL from team Auction to the TV rights issue taking away the post of a flambuoyant MoS in the External Affairs ministry. Last but not least, atleast for the common man is the inflating inflation transforming many in the BPL category to being miserably destitute.

It has also had its fair share of some good news. The passage of the Health-care bill in the US, Obama's pet project envisaging health safety and a right towards the same for all Americans. Though Europe is still reeling under the economic crisis, the much debated 'V', 'W' or 'U' type recession has seen an ending. Its seems for sure that the developed world will go through a 'U' shaped recession while the developing world will have a 'V' shaped recession fuelled mainly by the commendable growth rates seen in Asian giant states China and India.Back home, its has so far been a good year for the markets. In Tamil Nadu, its the Tamil classical language meeting in Coimbatore thats slated to take place in the last week of June which has captured many Tamilians imaginations, albeit the noise is a bit deafening.
Some worthwhile watching Bollywood flicks had hit the screens this year until now, like Shah Rukh's 'My Name is Khan', Hrithik's 'Kites' and latest to hit is Mani Ratnam's 'Raavan'. Tamil film industry have had some good movies also like 'VTV', Surya's 'Singam', and some others. But one thing which hasn't changed is and stays as always is Vijay and Ajit's movies.