Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Is he still relevant ?

Have to admit, this blog had words of praise all along for this gentleman in many a post. But, after almost 8 years in power, is he almost become a baggage too tough to carry for the ruling government? He was the face of liberalisation in the 90's and sure enough, won him lots of praises under a freak-faced Prime Minister and more so, for his economist acumen, among ministers who had least of the calibre to hold posts.

Here was a Oxford-bred economist and former RBI Governor teaching economics to many of his cabinet colleagues and had the spine to move India away from the license raj. An astute leader of the Finance ministry Babus, many senior officials in the North Block, were amazed by this man's deep knowledge in macro-economics. Though not a typical partyman and not  recognizable among many of the tall leaders, he was well respected among the high echleons of the government.

And when the Prime Minister's post fell on his lap(some say,it was trust on him by the party ring master), nobody ever thought he will last beyond a year. But, defying all the odds, here was a man spearheading a coalition governement, which had supporting partners numbering in the late teen's. He had a great vision and for once stood for what he felt was best for the country. Indo-US Nuke deal was his brainchild and he wanted it, come what may!!!! People were highly mobilized seeing the Sikh's single minded focus on country's growth and his conviction in people's cause.

Internationally, India's image had a huge turn around and world leaders were amazed at the vast knowledge in world economy possessed by the soft spoken sardar. Its famously rumoured that the present American President, would find a place near this gentleman to get an idea or two during multi-national summits. India's strong growth too, played a huge role in his growing stature. His opinion was much sought after to tide the world over financial crisis in 2008.

Riding high on his huge popularity and sincere thoughts, he became only the second PM to hold office after completing a full 5-year term. Here it was, where things started to go wrong. His famous first 100-day agenda was a big failure. Scams were breaking out of the  closet everyday and government was more fire-fighting the highest judicial authority than governing the country.

His leadership was at its lowest ebb, when he had huge telecom scam hit him right in his door ste(courtesy from his age old friend from southernmost state of India). These are some of the huge upsets and he had lost all control over the fiscal position of the country with the Eurpoean crisis not helping either. Country wilted under heavy inflation, nose-diving economy, huge fiscal deficit and bad floor management in the parliament.

It looks as though the government is somwhow crawling to complete the five year tem, what with the thrid almost out of question. He has become a huge baggage and the party itself, want him to be given a fair exit. The low point being, one of the coalition partner wanting him to be made the next President, just to get rid of him from the PMO.

Its seems as though, he is playing out his final innings and is well on his bad way out. Lets see how he copes up in the final two years , if at all he survives that far....

Monday, July 16, 2012

14 months and how quick!!!!

Its been almost 14 months since there was a post in this space. I desperately wanted to rekindle what used to be my favourite hobby, not so long ago.Lots of things have changed.....but still i feel all those have gone about in a jiffy.  We have a new president in France, a second man to have 7 Wimbledon titles, emerging economy in India going through a rough phase, Rajni's next film is Kochaddaiyan and not Rana...Personally, a new location of work and i got to admit, it took me some time to adjust. Guess, for first timers like me who are away from the known faces, its takes a while to get used to a new enviroment. The fact that you have a living and a you share it with others, makes it difficult to understand many changes, but somehow you(especially me) end up in the wrong side of many others thoughts....There were times in th early part, where there were thoughts of 'Ghosh!!!! i dont need to go through this'. But, sometimes, you come out discovering new things in you or learn a thing or two....Age old things dont change... The freshness in 'En kadhale'(Duet) from the magical genius of ARR,  Obama's rhetoric to outsourcing in the election year, French open to Rafa, another flop for Ajith(maybe too early to call)

But, still i guess, the dilemma lingers in my mind... what next??? That is one thing which hasnt changed....Still waiting for a definitive answer from within:).... Hopefully, it hits me right in my head and pushes me for a something better...New place with a juice of high monetary stakes, hopefully shouldnt stop any free flow.... sometimes, you feel your not learning anything new and doing age old thing jus at a higher price.... and this when prolongs, is the time to call it a day!!!

Hopefully, the minute i get a feel and take a decision,i would pretty much, learn what management is!!!

Many more posts and more regular to come.....