Sunday, January 20, 2013

Politics of High Command

India as a nation has been ruled for over 55 years out of 65 years of Independence by a single party. Even within those 55 years, almost 40 years has been directly ruled by one family and another 10 years, it is said they have been at the helm indirectly. Critics have been holding one single family responsible for the unrelenting under- developed parts of India. Many believe, the nepotism in the the grand old party has helped and shown the way for Nepotism in many of the other parties.

Though, the party boasts of the best and modern minds who take important positions in the Governement, right from the Prime Minister, to the Finance Minister, it has always been the first family which heads the party and in some cases, indirectly shows the way to the government. This has always been the criticism of many learned minds. Critics say that for a vast country like India, every decision cannot be controlled from New Delhi and by a single family.
But, somehow, we also need to understand that a large group of intelluctuals and party men need to have a single high command where the buck stops. This was proven, if we take a slight look at the opposition party and the disarray it finds itself.

The opposition has in equal measure, if not more people with excellent track record and people with wonderful experience. But, they are not able corner an already beleaguered Government, mainly because of the infighting within the party. Anywhere, whether its a office instituition or a party, you will have clash of the egos within people of equal experience and repute. So, its paramount, that someone with all-encompassing powers, who can get in times of in-fighting and times of decision-making to take a final call.

Its a worrying sign that opposition party is not able to project themselves as an alternative, even after 10 years of central government rule by a single party and that too with the second term dotted with lots of corruption scams and policy paralysis. Leave alone projecting them as an alternative, they have almost become a party which opposes anything that a government does without any conviction or logic. Though, the opposition has its own limitations in terms of their acceptability in the southern states, the main impedement is that they dont have a single high command who can take along all the well learned party leaders in one direction. Former Prime Minister from their party had the charisma and ability to bring everyone under his supervision. But now, even the  primary essence of choosing their party leader, is marred with controversies.

So, i would believe, though a party has to be as well represented as possible, its important that there is one single high command to listen to all views and then take their own decision. Hopefully, the opposition learns it fast and if not, its not in the interest of the nation that there is no oppposition and its always a one way traffic.